Brandon Simmons – Shippensburg Signs an Excellent, Mobile Quarterback

An excellent, mobile Quarterback, Brandon had interest from a number of schools before finding his home at Shippensburg. Ship picks up a very nice offensive weapon.

ProDynamix was hired to film Brandon Simmons and produce his Recruiting Video. Quarterbacks normally go early in the process so we had a very strong responsibility to produced a solid Recruiting Video to properly showcase Brandon’s strengths and value. Coupled with our Titan Scouting Athlete Marketing service we marketed Brandon across the country.

Our Director of Athlete Marketing, Matt Roberts recalls the call that got Brandon on Shippensburg University’s radar, “I had been personally marketing Brandon to many Division 1 and 2 programs, but quarterbacks go really early and we were working with Brandon in his senior football season so we had to work extra hard to find him a spot on a team with no commitments. After I talked with a number of coaches in other programs I reached out to Shippensburg. They needed a quarterback and I directed them to Brandon. That introduction and our Recruiting Video was all that they needed. Brandon found a home and they found a quarterback.”


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