NCAA Changes Camp Rules

This is a good move by the NCAA. College recruiting is becoming too much of a business to detriment of the athletes. For northern teams to move to the south to create more camps only to tap into the southern market athletes provides a disservice to athletes from the northern markets.

Northern athletes would get passed over or would have to incur even more expenses to get to those southern camps…..for which they have to pay to attend.
It is the job of NCAA coaches to find good talent and if they cannot, there are resources in the marketplace that will help them.

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Important thing to remember: Colleges MUST charge athletes to go to their camps. They are required to do this to keep things on mainly an even playing field for all colleges. However, colleges do not really care about all of the athletes that attend their camps. They only care about a select number of athletes who they invite to their camps.

The rest of the athletes they have to invite so they are able to see the athletes that they really want. They have to charge all athletes so they will not give their recruits of special interest any preferential treatment.  The truth is that college coaches will mainly pay attention to the athletes they really want. They may….may…notice another promising prospect, but it’s not likely.

In my nearly 15 years of working directly with athletes I know of no athlete who received an offer only from attending a camp. Recruiting is a very detailed process. There are far too many factors involved and camps are a very minimal part. College football camps are designed so coaches can get eyes on the athletes who are already on their radar.

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