ProDynamix Studios presents professional video production of commercials, weddings, events, documentaries, music videos, films and more. Our team provides a vision and imagination that will make your production evolve beyond what you could imagine.

Whatever you need for yourself, your event or your organization we are eager to discuss our plan to create a very special production.

Embrace your #EventEvolution

DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: "Sacrifice for Success" is a documentary short feature about Abigail DiTosto and the Team USA Synchronized Skating team. These are teen aged young women who sacrifice tremendous amounts of their time to train and compete representing the country around the world. This is also serving as our trailer to one day produce a full length documentary on the Team USA Synchronized Skating quest to become an internationally recognized Olympic sport.
WEDDING VIDEO: Rick and Nicole Ritter had been dating for 10 years. They wanted to tell their story in the best way possible so they hired us to produce their wedding video in our own signature style. Our Wedding Experience production is filmed in a documentary, reality show format with candid stories, interviews and vignettes all while capturing the beauty and elegance of their wedding day. This is Act I of their Wedding Experience. The entire video is filmed over the course of one full day from 8:30am to 11:30pm. Enjoy "Rick & Nikki: The Wait is Over" (Act I) (Warning: Some Adult Language)
DOCUMENTARY FEATURE: The Olympic Conference of New Jersey needed a video to educate their student-athletes and parents about sportsmanship. All 14 teams in the Olympic Conference had to be equally represented complete with interviews of various athletes from various sports. The Olympic Conference also wanted this video to be entertaining so as to maintain interest. We filmed and produced this feature over the course of one school year. It has been a great success and is still being used today. (Completed Sept 2014)
COMMERCIAL: We produced this commercial for the Philadelphia Bridal & Wedding Expo to help them showcase the fun and interactive customer experience. They wanted a very specific look and feel to represent their product and we worked them every step of the way to ensure satisfaction The show runners at the Expo were very happy working with us and with our final products. This required two days of shooting including interviews for the vendor version which can be found in our Video Library. (Completed March 2016)