Titan Scouting

Titan Scouting

Titan Scouting is the ultimate, professional recruiting network for college coaches and athletes. Our highly qualified staff has developed relationships and have worked with coaches and athlete for over 15 years helping to bring them together at the next level.

Through our service thousands of student-athletes earn nearly $100 Million in athletic scholarships. Both NCAA and Professional organizations have benefited working with Titan Scouting. Our personal interaction, involvement and aggressive marketing methods bring college coaches to the table. We help reveal the unknown and undiscovered talent and in turn get players on the Radar who can be essential contributors to a college or professional program.

Titan Scouting works with all sports at every collegiate and pro level. Our student-athletes currently compete in the NCAA, MLB, CFL, NFL and NBA.

We evaluate our players to develop the most effective marketing strategy. We then work to help you strengthen your resume to make you more valuable and marketable to coaches. By balancing your focus on Academics, Athletics, Conditioning and Discipline we ensure that you stand out in a very competitive market.

Titan Scouting has a marketing package for every level and every budget. At last there is an affordable and effective option to help you “Know Your Goal.”


Our Titan Scouting Service offers different packages designed around how aggressively or targeted you want us to market your athlete.

Our packages start at Freshman year and offer a four-year recruiting service. Based on our expert evaluation and your input we tailor marketing to the level where your athlete will most likely play. We don't waste your money marketing a clear D3 athlete to a D1 college.

College coaches are recruiting athletes younger and younger every year so it is important to get exposure early and get on the radar of top colleges.

At Titan Scouting we work to get you the exposure to the next level.  
Start marketing your Freshman athlete for as little as $150 in our "Future Prospect" plan.
Increase exposure in Sophomore year with our "On the Radar" plan and showcase your athlete's growth and development while establishing name recognition.
Junior and Senior Years are critical to the recruiting process and we increase our aggressiveness to ensure full exposure in a very competitive market.

With all packages you can add our Consulting Service offering phone and email support from our experts to answer your questions and guide you through the process. We have also developed a package to market college athletes and undrafted free agents to the professional leagues.

Choose your packages to get started and #KnowYourGoal.


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